National Secular Society takes exception to NHS funded chaplains – again


Terry Sanderson, writing in a blog piece It’s the Church’s Christian duty to support the health service, not leech off it for the National Secular Society, takes exception to Archbishop Vincent Nichols and to NHS funding of chaplains. Again.

Archbishop Nichols, says that hospital chaplaincy services   ought never to be seen as a luxury to be discarded when budgets are tight; or chapels as spaces to be sacrificed to other purposes when needs arise. People need spaces where they can come to pray for their sick relatives and friends. Those who are sick need places to pray, to receive the consoling touch of the divine. Healthcare professionals need somewhere to pray as part of their care for their sick brothers and sisters, as well as to receive strength for their ministry.”

Mr Sanderson feels that religious groups in advocating for the Chaplaincy services the NHS provides, ignore the current NHS financial situation. Medics, not chaplains, make you better he says.


2 thoughts on “National Secular Society takes exception to NHS funded chaplains – again”

  1. I am not sure that the old record of the Secular Society is worth playing again and again. Change the record NSS. Take a look at my site Mr Anderson and see all the chaplaincy interventions which are none religious in nature and revolve around a common humanity. Work it out that people are spiritual beings and get over yourself.

  2. It’s a pity that the likes of Terry Sanderson don’t spend more time in the chapels in hospitals talking to those who visit for consolation and support instead of sitting in front of their computers venting their obvious spleen as those who give up their time and energy helping others for free.
    Even as a Minister of Religion I would have far more respect for the Secular Society if they put more of their effort into helping others rather than just pontificating on their very narrow outlook on what they think are the services other people deserve.
    At least one can console oneself with the knowledge that at the end of Mr Sanderson’s days he may not want a Chaplain but he will almost certainly need one, and if there isn’t one for him? Well he knows who is to blame!

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