The dignity of Healthcare Workers

This post is the first of a series of short posts where what the Church has said about healthcare and healthcare workers will be shared.  If you have a suggestion for a post contact

Reflection: Health Care Workers

…the health care worker is “the minister of that God who in Scripture is presented as ‘a lover of life’ (Wisdom 11:26).  To serve life is to serve God in the person: it is to become “a collaborator with God in restoring health to the sick body” and to give praise and glory to God in the loving acceptance of life, especially if it is weak and ill.

The therapeutic ministry of health care workers is a sharing in the pastoral and evangelising work of the Church.  Service to life becomes a ministry of salvation that is, a message that implements the redeeming love of Christ.  Doctors, nurses, other health care workers, and voluntary assistants are called to be the living image of Christ and of his Church in loving

the sick and the suffering”: witnesses to “the gospel of life”.



Charter for Health Care Workers

Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care


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